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Often an artist’s strengths inspire their best work. But for acclaimed pop-and-gospel
singer Mandisa, it’s her very human flaws and frailties that gave birth to her stellar third
album, What If We Were Real. The two-time GRAMMY ® nominee knows that nobody
is perfect—and she wants her fans to realize that, too. Her new career-defining project,
released on Sparrow Records, reminds us all that everyone struggles.
“A lot of people think we as Christians have to put our masks on and pretend that
everything is great. But I was really amazed at the responses I’d get when I’d Tweet that I
was struggling, or needed prayer with something, or having a bad day,” she explains.
“People said, ‘I’m glad to know I’m not the only one.’ Or ‘I need prayer for that too.’ It
surprised me that people thought I had it all together. The truth... More
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